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1. Occasional readers of classified agreed that their interest in seeing the ever-changing, 10-column photo in the main banner would drive them to look at the section on a daily basis, even if they hadn't planned to look at the classified section.

2. All respondents liked the use of color to highlight the Under-$50 category and garage sales.

3. To guarantee a full-color position seven days a week, the classified section begins on the back of the Business sections and jumps backwards inside. No respondents seemed to mind the reverse order, because they preferred the use of color it allowed.

4. All respondents found the new typography easier to read, even though the columns were narrower as a result of converting to a 50-inch web.

5. Respondents found the new category headers improved navigation through the section. Only 10% of respondents said they would miss the numerical classification system.

6. Some respondents were confused by the new alpha-sort system for the recruitment category, so a new recruitment banner was created to guide them after the new design was launched.

7. None of the respondents missed the marketing information or index that used to appear in the old banner.