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The Birmingham News

Birmingham, AL
152,000 daily circ.

Larry Leibengood, Classified Advertising Manager


Strengthen the connection between print classified and
• Emphasize that print classified and are the best sources of local classifieds, local jobs, local autos and local real estate
• Include “” in the banners for all classified products
• Include “” at the top of all classified pages
• Include “” within each category’s in-column mini-index
• Include “” in promotional ads and fillers

Strengthen the classified brand
• Redesign all classified products to provide them with a consistent look and feel
• Create more space-efficient classified banners, so they can be used consistently 7 days a week
• Rename employment and automotive sections to increase consistency and their tie-in to

Make classifieds easier to read
• Increase legibility of liners while retaining character count and line count
• Determine the optimum density for screen ads to preserve legibility while maintaining contrast with unscreened ads

Make classifieds easier to use
• Increase the legibility of in-column classification names to make them easier to find
• Add geographically descriptive names to each “area” within the real estate classifications
• Add promos to the fronts of all classified sections that direct readers to other categories of classified advertising when these categories appear in other sections
• Eliminate all unnecessary content from classified banners to give greater emphasis to the most useful information - phone numbers, 24/7 access and
• Create two models for classification headings to determine whether numerical classification system is truly useful
• Redraw real estate locator map to make it easier to understand

Enhance the appeal of classified sections
• Redesign all banners to enhance their appeal
• Move Bargain Bonanza ads to higher-profile position on the first page of classifieds
• Change the order of classes to begin classified with private party ads
• Create a special presentation within the animals category for tributes and memorials
• Create two design strategies for advertorial sections (Automotive, Health Care, etc.) that begin stories on the cover and jump inside vs. providing a “window” into the section to better promote the content inside
• Redesign cove of Jobs tab to work better in free-distribution racks/shelves
• Create two design strategies for Real Estate using the cover and/or page two to promote more advertorial content, advertising and lists
• Create a special section within Real Estate for rental advertorial content
• Preserve the distinctive look and appeal of Real Estate, while moving it closer to the look and feel of the other classified products