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The Birmingham News

Birmingham, AL
152,000 daily circ.

Larry Leibengood, Classified Advertising Manager


The focus groups were unanimous in the their preference for:
• New liner typography that made the ads easier to read
• Better use of color which made the section more attractive
• Simplified banners that eliminated content ignored by readers
• Greater emphasis on Bargain Bonanza
• Highlighting on every page the phone number to call to place an ad

An overwhelming majority of folks in the focus groups preferred the redesigned classification headings, which most people told us made the section easier to navigate. As a result of what we learned from the focus groups, we’ll modify the headings so they’ll achieve 100% approval when the new design is introduced.

The Realtors were unanimous in their preference for the redesigned real estate tab. As one Realtor said about the prototype, “What’s not to like?” Another Realtor said, “It was very pro-active of you folks to take a great product and make it better. I commend you.”